Some things to keep in mind when using bedroom lights

Bedroom lights are considered the main energy source of the room, can promote feng shui very well, but if used incorrectly, they will affect the sleep of family members. Here are some things to keep in mind when using lights for the bedroom.

Installation location

Do not hang the lamp right above the bed or on the ceiling, because it is not good for health but also creates an unsafe feeling, especially interior lights or lanterns that often have to be designed with racks. Hanging such lights also violates the taboo in feng shui “cross-beam over the bed” will not be good. Hanging lights in this position also increases psychological pressure, easily causing health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, poor breathing… If the design of the room does not allow it, choose the type. Attach it to the wall or move the bed out. The ceiling space above the bed should be airy, so a soft light night light should be placed next to the bed.

Choose the right lamp size

Before choosing to buy decorative lights, pay attention to the size of the lights, choose to match the bedroom interior and the area of ​​the room. In addition, with large bedrooms, you should choose a chandelier to let the light spread throughout the room. For small bedrooms, choose a chandelier with a small size.

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Choose a lamp with a custom mode

Choosing the best bedroom decoration lamp is the one that can customize the light according to the mood and conditions of use. Be careful not to choose too bright a shadow, just let the light be at a gentle and soft level so that the room is suitable for its resting function. The number of lights in the bedroom is usually 1 and 6 which will bring good luck to the family.

Matching colors

Light is very important in the bedroom, especially for the bedroom of a young couple, it creates a romantic space, making an important contribution to keeping the family happy. Although most yellow and pink night lights are good, you can also choose colors according to the network for better feng shui. For example, in the element of Wood, the lights are inclined to green, Earth (yellow), Thuy (black), Fire (red), Kim (white).

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The bedroom will be cozier with decorative lamps in ivory white and warm yellow or pink light. If you want to have a shimmering light like candlelight, you can mix many different colored lights such as yellow, white, pink, light purple, etc. to create unexpected beauty.

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Bedroom chandelier design

The shape of the decorative lights for the bedroom is best to choose round or square. In feng shui, strangely shaped night lights often have bad intentions and have a bad influence on the homeowner. For example, around high-end decorative lamp model implies auspicious, like a stable home, while triangular or polygonal pendant lights can form a “sightly” position, adversely affecting the owner’s psychology. . Also avoid using night lights with animal shapes, creating insecurity for sleep.

A small note, a modern bedroom needs to balance both outdoor light and artificial light, combining these two things, the room will have perfect light and be good for health.