Hôtel Villa Delisle

La Villa Delisle

Our Resort

 La Villa Delisle Hôtel & Spa is a friendly place where the “savoir vivre” comes from the natural wealth of Southern Reunion Island (what we call the wild South) as well as from a rich history of travel and cultural exchanges.

Man working out in a fitness club

  Louis Henri Hubert Delisle

Situated on the seafront of Saint Pierre, boulevard Hubert Delisle, our resort gets its name from Louis Henri Hubert Delisle, who leaves a significant mark on Reunion Island, not only by creating the road “de ceinture” which goes all around the Island, but more importantly, by being the first creole governor of La Reunion.

  That perfect scale

With 41 rooms laid out on 2 floors between Standard rooms, Superior, and Junior Suites, La Villa Delisle Hotel & Spa offers a place of perfect dimensions. The perfect scale highlights the high quality of services provided to our guests who always sense that they are in an exceptional tropical villa.

  All the attention you need

More than the comfortable bedrooms which will provide you with intimacy and the quietness a good rest demands, La Villa Delisle offers many places for socializing, having fun, or simply to indulge yourself.

Le Pierre Bistrot Chic

Le Pierre Bistrot Chic

“Pleasure” being the keyword of Le Pierre Bistrot Chic, this very special place aspires to be among the “meilleures tables” of Saint Pierre where the decadent cuisine is enjoyed in a relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere. The young kitchen staff, trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse, will communicate its enthusiasm and energy through its mastery of French cuisine

Man working out in a fitness club

You will also be able to enjoy this delicious cuisine at La Voile Blanche Restaurant, right next to the villa’s swimming pool.


La Voile Blanche Restaurant


The large swimming pool located on the terrace provides one of the greatest pleasure you can have at La Villa Delisle. Perfect for those who are looking to enjoy both the sun’s warmth and cool, refreshing water . The big pool dazzles you with quartzite tiles and is waiting for you under the shade of magnificent palm trees. 


The swimming pool at la Villa Delisle

Sheltered from the winds and offering a view of the sea, this place will take your breath away when the sunsets of Saint Pierre ignite the sky. It’s also quite amusing to know that this terrace and it’s pool are standing right on top of nothing less than the Casino du Sud


Man working out in a fitness club

La Villa Delisle is the only Hotel in the South to be able to provide its clients with access to a full-fledged Casino, featuring games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and electronic games.


  Le Casino du Sud


As a contrast to the open-air swimming pool area, the other venue for socializing is La Villa Delisle’s cosy bar, le Planteur. With its West Indies style, le Planteur is a welcoming place for a drink between friends, whether inside or on its own terrace, laying next to the garden. Situated close to the lobby, this place is the pulse of La Villa Delisle.


Le Planteur Bar


Then there’s the Garden Spa. Quietly waiting at the bottom of a short flight of stairs is a magical place entirely dedicated to your well-being. There, not only will you find 3 rooms for massages and various cares, but also a large whirlpool in its hidden garden.


Villa Delisle Garden Spa

A relaxation space if there ever was one, the Garden Spa and its staff of friendly therapists are here to provide a whole range of beauty and well-being services.

La Villa Delisle Hôtel & Spa has more secrets to reveal. We invite you to come in  and find them during out your next visit.